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Proactive wellbeing support solution for workplaces

The leading support solution for employee wellbeing support in the workplace

We enable organisations to proactively support the wellbeing of their people, through our tech-driven wellbeing platform, GoVox.

Understanding mental health isn’t easy. Unlike physical health, it often goes unnoticed – until it’s too late. And with 1 in 6 people now suffering mental health issues, odds on you’ll know some of them without even realising.

When your organisation has an effective way of spotting the issues early on, you can prioritise the conversations that matter and make a real difference to the outcomes.

The three-step wellbeing check-in process

Step 1: Check In

Users get an online invite to check in on their phone, tablet or computer and answer some short, friendly questions designed to flag up any concerns. It takes less than a minute to Check In – this simplicity means our users regularly engage with the process.

Step 2: Instant Insights

You can instantly access Check In results on the GoVox Wellbeing Dashboard, showing at a glance who would benefit most from some help. This personal approach is unique to our platform and enables you to prioritise support, resources and the conversations that matter.

Step 3: Effective Support

As soon as the user completes their Check In, they’ll get their own Personal Wellbeing Report delivered straight to their inbox. Tailored to their answers, this gives them proven techniques for proactively making positive wellbeing changes– a little extra help in the areas they need it the most.

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