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The benefits of a HR helpline and outsourced HR service

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Why Choose a Human Resources Helpline for Your Small Business? 

For businesses requiring HR consultancy, a subscription to a HR helpline package can help you to efficiently and confidently manage your own human resources, without the expenditure of an outsourced HR service. For small businesses at their initial stage, HR work is negligible. But as a business grows in size and revenue, human resources consulting can prove to be a saving grace. There are multiple benefits of utilising a national human resources helpline in the UK. 

Your business can gain a quantifiable advantage from accessing the expertise, advice and knowledge of our trained HR professionals. As well as solving short-term HR-related problems, there are plenty of long-term benefits too. 

How can an outsourced HR provider support my UK-based business? 

  1. Outsource HR tasks 

This is one of the more obvious benefits – outsourcing all the company HR tasks. An outsourced HR provider can take care of all activities like supporting difficult discussions, employee compensation, retention, redundancies  and much more. You can save on time and resources, focusing on other critical areas of your business. Simply put, outsourcing your company HR function enhances overall business efficiency.  

Companies like HR Circle provide a reliable HR outsourced service. Every small business can leverage the expert, tech-enabled HR assistance HR Circle provide.


  1. Recruitment 

Another major benefit of working with an outsourced HR provider is that they often provide support with recruitment. For many small businesses, recruitment is a big challenge. If you want to recruit the best talent, without having to handle things like creating a job specification, posting on job boards, sifting through CVs et al, it’s best to utilise an experienced HR recruitment support provider like HR Circle. In the modern workplace, employee turnover is much higher. Gone are the days of an employee choosing to work for one company for their whole working life. Thus, an eye on recruitment, with a partner you can trust, is invaluable. 


  1. Tech Application 

HR providers not only help small businesses implement new HR policies and procedures, they can also implement advanced HR tech applications. The rapid advancement in HR tech and software has revolutionised the global market. With software like Breathe HR and employee wellbeing platforms at our service, HR Circle can really revolutionise the HR tech in your business. 


  1. Management of remuneration and retention of staff

HR consultants can help your small business with effective remuneration strategies, setting up suitable employee benefit packages and more. Devising a suitable package for staff doesn’t only assist with recruitment, it also helps with retention. Showing staff how much they matter provides one less reason for them to move elsewhere.  

  1. Business Communication

Smooth business functions and communication contribute to brand voice building, internally and externally. HR consultants will help your company create a good reputation in the market. Strong communications can lead to higher retention and performance. We can help with assessing employee satisfaction levels, analyse behavioural patterns, learn about staff likes and dislikes and more, all of which results in the best possible working environment for your people. 

Whether you require an outsourced HR provider, a HR helpline service or support with recruitment, HR Circle are here to help. Contact us today for more information and to enquire. 

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