Recruiting the best talent for your business

Finding the best talent for your business

Acquiring the best talent is fundamental for the success and longevity of your business. Of course, no one knows your business like you. Our mission is to ensure hiring needn’t depend on the traditional agency model, nor take up large amounts of working hours that should be spent on your business. We want to help you take control of hiring through a direct channel that is efficient, cost-effective, and tailored to you 

In-house recruitment

With our expertise and support, we can help you build an effective in-house recruitment function that will decrease your time and money spent on hiring while simultaneously increasing your control over the recruiting process.

Recruitment technology

Our highly advanced recruitment software is a cut above the traditional recruiter. As the recruitment market moves away from transactional CV supply, our advanced software allows us to better understand the intricate personalities, skills, and ambitions of potential candidates by combining the latest technology with tried and tested processes. This allows us to find the talent that best fits into your roles that need filling. Our technology works on a single collaborative platform, utilising video profiling and behavioural assessments to gain unique insights into candidates’ key skills to ascertain the best fit into your organisation.  

Low-cost advertising media

Using the UK’s largest recruitment media network, we can typically increase direct applications between 100%-500% by advertising at a fraction of the cost of going direct to job boards. Importantly, generating the greater quantity helps to improve applicant quality for your positions.  

Contingency talent delivery

We offer a variety of Retained Recruiting, Contingency Recruiting, and Contract Staffing services which will assist you in meeting your hiring and staffing needs. Our extensive background and broad experience allow us to tailor each individual candidate search to your specific requirements.  

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